When designing slides for a Presentation, it’s easy to overdesign and overcomplicate. Here are a 5 simple ways to elevate your Presentation Design in order to make your slides look more professional.


Use Your Brand Colours and Elements in your Presentation

To create a presentation that fosters brand awareness for the viewer, keep your brand guidelines on hand and in mind.

Each element – including Images, illustrations, fonts, and colours – should all be aligned as closely as possible to what’s been set for your brand.

If your brand only has two or three primary colours and you need to select more colours to build a chart or graph – go neutral! Adding in multiple shades of grey or brown for secondary colours will allow your brand’s primary colours to pop without creating a mishmash of off-brand colours.


Minimise bullets

Bullets should be used very sparingly, not the default content style on every slide. I would encourage you to minimise bullets wherever possible. Better yet, get rid of bullets all together! Try telling your story instead with impactful images, icons, infographics, quotes, or bold statistics.

Any additional information that you would like your audience to know beyond what’s visually on your slide, you can narrate.


Subheads are your friend

Keep headlines short and succinct. If you need to elaborate further on a headline, create a short headline followed by a subhead.


Single images work best

Save all those other images for your Instagram. One image with little or no text is the best way to go!


Rely on the align tool

One last tip to elevate your Presentation Design – If you have an object that’s slightly out of alignment, it’s possible that your viewer will be focusing solely on that rather than on what you’re saying. Align objects both horizontally and vertically to make your content aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Can’t be bothered doing any of this yourself?

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